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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 10:33 am 
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Thanks for your interest in the 159th,

The 159th was originally formed shortly after LOMAC 1.0 release and took on the role of a ship-borne aviation fighter regiment flying operations from the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier. Flying takes place three times a week with one training night dedicated to 'general' flying skills (carrier ops, night flying, formation keeping etc) whilst the second and third flying nights are combat training nights, with one flight specifically catering for our North American members. The release DCS has brought about some major changes to the 159th, with the addition of certain Wings and attendant airframes.

The Squadron is made of three operational wings: Strike Wing, Fighter Wing, Attack Wing.

SW flies the Su-25 T and SU-25 Frogfoot (for Russians it is Grach or Rook), and provides a precision attack capability, both day and night and SEAD support to 159th operations. SW is backed up (or vice versa depending on your point of view!) by Fighter Wing. FW continues to operate the Su-33, supported by the SU-27 and is tasked to provide CAP top cover & force protection to attached assets during 159th operations. AW brings with it a concealable attack platform in the Kamov Ka-50. One that can sneak in and either do FAC for SW or provide its own pin-point attack capability against multiple target types.

Our home base is Sochi-Adler, the airfield providing the space needed for all all flights to co-locate at one time. As well, our Il-78 Midas, A-50 Mainstay and legacy P-51 Squadrons are stationed there.

The 159th prides itself on relaxed, friendly atmosphere and good sense of humour. The banter can be merciless but we have a good laugh at ourselves. This relaxed attitude is backed up by the desire to fly in a professional manner whilst keeping the sense of fun. This is afterall a hobby/game/sim! Our website is currently being reworked and we have our own TeamSpeak 3 server for use during online flights. Our custom skins for all 159th aircraft reflect the regiments title of 'Pirates of the Crimean'.

We ask that our pilots have an understanding of the aircraft the Regiment uses, although we all have a learning curve and we are always happy to help pilots learn. None of us are experts after all. Our minimum age for application is 18.

The first step is that you are invited to a "trial or check flight".

It sounds more serious than it is! Its our way of getting to know you if you like, a chance for us to fly with potential new recruits to
see how we (and you) get along. We can also use it to answer any questions regarding the aircraft or playing DCS online. We have a
dedicated TS3 server which we will invite you to use for the flight as voice is easier than text, especially when you have your hands
full. Its a semi informal flight, not a test!

Each wing has it's own specialized check flight, but all test basic handling, SOP's, communication and weapons handling, usually in excellent weather.

We all appreciate the AFM can be a handful so broken under carriage, ejections and burning wreckage are not a major drama
at this stage. Call it nerves!

Upon completion of the flight,and if all went well, the Command Staff member who "tested" you shall e-mail you inviting you to join the 159th as an 'Officer Candidate', this is a probationary period if you like, as we have had new members complete the flight, be added to the roster and never heard of again! When you accept a position within the 159th as a Kadet, it is expected you will attempt to make as many flights during operations as possible, with the minimum being 4 within the first month. After that, there is a further 3 month period as you get completely up to speed with all our SOP's and individual quirks, and upon finishing that, at the wing CO's decision, you will be promoted and offered 100% full member status with all the benefits. There is absolutely nothing preventing you from flying as often as you like, and we realize the real life issues do get in the way at times.

I am eager to invite anyone who is interested in joining to introduce themselves on the forum. Please post detailing some information about yourself and we will be in touch.

Best Regards

Edited March 2017 (Archer)

CO 159th Guards Aviation Regiment

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