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  Use of 159th Dedicated Server Missions
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    PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 3:34 am 
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(Jester please make a sticky)
I posted this over on the DCS forums: ... ostcount=5

To clarify:

Because of the pain staking process of mission building and the long hours spent to try and make our dedicated server a place where people will congregate and enjoy themselves, I would like to assert a type of copyright over our Dedicated server missions.

What I consider infringement is public use of our missions unadapted or slightly adapted (where this other public server running our missions would compete with the 159th Dedicated).

What I consider to be acceptable use of our missions:
-Closed use of the missions where the server is passworded and not open to the public.

-Heavily adapted missions, where the initial basis of the map is the same but objectives and targets are different.

-Consent from the mission maker to run the mission before hand with terms of use presented to the map maker before consent is given.

I hope that everyone will respect our wishes and understand that there is little motivation to build a mission if someone is just going to steal it and run it on their dedi.



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...watchin fellas like yaself and fudd ,,, makes me wonder ,, how the heck do they do that? [sic]


  Re: Use of 159th Dedicated Server Missions
    PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 2:28 pm 
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Might I add:

The mission building process for DCS BlackShark is in its infancy, we are all on a steep learning curve, particularly as the editor is very limited! (Note I didn't swear!).
So good missions will take time to evolve form a process of trial and error!
At the end of the day good missions benefit every one ( ED take note) and the development process is fueled by imagination and ideas.
So whilst I totally agree that copying and using one of our missions as your own is to say the least a bit naughty, I'm fully in favour of mission builders utilising ideas from others and incorporating them into their own mission builds!
That after all is the way we do develop and move forward.
We would of course do so much quickly if ED had bothered to produce a real editor! but heh! at least they got the shark right!


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