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 Post subject: Brevity Codes
PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 11:56 am 
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As prescribed by 159th_Invicta on the old http://www.the159th.com:

Following is a list of brevity codes used by the 159th and other online squads. Amendments can be suggested in the discussion topic for this post.


ABORT (ING)( ED) Directive/ informative call to cease action/ attack/ event/ mission.

ACTIVE An emitter is radiating.

BANDIT An aircraft identified as enemy, in accordance with theater ID criteria. The term does not necessarily imply direction or authority to engage.

BEAM (ING) Target stabilized within 70 to 110 degree aspect; generally (Direction)given with cardinal directions: east, west, north, or south.

BINGO Fuel state needed for recovery.

BLIND No visual contact with friendly aircraft/ ground position; opposite of VISUAL.

BOGEY A radar or visual air contact whose identity is unknown.

BRACKET Indicates geometry where friendly aircraft will maneuver to a position on opposing sides, either laterally or vertically from the target.

BREAK (Direction) Directive to perform an immediate maximum performance turn in the direction indicated; assumes a defensive situation.

BROKE LOCK Loss of radar/ infrared (IR) lock-on (advisory).

BUDDY LOCK Locked to a known friendly aircraft; normally a response to a SPIKE or BUDDY SPIKE call and accompanied with position/ heading/ altitude.

BUDDY SPIKE Friendly aircraft air-to-air indication on radar warning receiver (RWR); to be followed by position/ heading/ altitude.

CAP/CAPPING 1. Directive call to establish an orbit at a specified location. (Location) 2. An orbit at a specified location.

CEASE In air defense, break the engagement on the target specified. Missiles in flight ENGAGEMENT will continue to intercept.

CEASE FIRE Do not open fire or discontinue firing; complete intercept if weapons are in flight; continue to track.

CHECK Turn ( ) degrees left or right and maintain new heading. (Left/ Right)

CHICKS Friendly aircraft.

CLEAN 1. No radar contacts on aircraft of interest. 2. No visible battle damage 3. Aircraft not carrying external stores.

CLEARED Requested action is authorized (no engaged/ support roles are assumed).

CLEARED HOT Ordnance release is authorized.

CLOSING Decreasing in range.

COLD 1. Attack geometry will result in a pass or rollout behind the target. 2. On a leg of the combat air patrol (CAP) pointed away from the anticipated threats. 3. Group( s) heading away from friendly aircraft. 4. Radar is turned off

CONS/CONNING THREAT/ BOGEY aircraft leaving contrails.

CONTACT 1. Sensor contact at the stated position. 2. Acknowledges sighting of a specified reference point.

CONTINUE Continue present maneuver; does not imply clearance to engage or expend ordnance.

COVER (ING) 1. Directive/ informative call to take S/ A action or establish an air-to-air (A/ A) posture that will allow engagement of a specified target or threat.

DEFENSIVE Aircraft is in a defensive position and maneuvering with reference to the (SPIKE/ Missile/ stated condition. SAM/ MUD/ AAA)

DEPLOY Directive to maneuver to briefed positioning.

DIVERT Proceed to alternate mission or base.

ECHELON Groups/ contacts/ formation with wingman displaced approximately 45 degrees behind leader's 3/ 9 line.

ENGAGED Manoeuvring with the intent to kill; this implies visual/ radar acquisition of target.

ESTIMATE Provides estimate of the size, range, height, or other parameter of a specified contact; implies degradation.

FADED Radar contact is lost. (Termination of track plotting is not warranted.)

FEET WET/ DRY Flying over water/ land.

FLANK (ING) 1. (USAF) Target with a stable aspect of 120 to 150 degrees.

FOX (Number) Simulated/ actual launch of air-to-air weapons. ONE -semiactive radar-guided missile. TWO -infrared-guided missile. THREE -active radar-guided missile.

FRIENDLY A positively identified friendly contact.

FURBALL A turning fight involving multiple aircraft with known BANDITS and FRIENDLIES mixed.

GROUP Radar targets within approximately 3 nautical miles (NMs) of each other.

GUNS An air-to-air or air-to-surface gunshot.

HARD (Direction) High-G, energy-sustaining turn.

HEADS UP Alert of an activity of interest.

HOLD FIRE An emergency fire control order used to stop firing on a designated target, to include destruction of any missiles in flight.

HOME PLATE Home airfield or carrier.

HOSTILE A contact identified as enemy upon which clearance to fire is authorized in accordance with theater rules of engagement.

HOT 1. Attack geometry will result in rollout in front of the target. 2. On a leg of the CAP pointing toward the anticipated threats. 3. Group heading towards friendly aircraft; opposite of COLD. 4. Ordnance employment intended or completed. 5. Radar is turned on.

ID 1. Directive to identify the target. 2. Identification accomplished, followed by type.

IFF Directive to Identify Friend or Foe

KILL 1. Clearance to fire. 2. In training, a fighter call to indicate kill criteria have been fulfilled.

KNOCK IT OFF Directive to cease air combat maneuvers/ attacks/ activities.

LEAD-TRAIL Tactical formation of two contacts within a group separated in range or following one another.

LINE ABREAST Two contacts within a group side by side.

LIGHTS ON/ OFF Directive to turn on/ off exterior lights.

LOCKED Final radar lock-on; sort is not assumed. (BRAA/ Direction)

LOST CONTACT Radar contact lost. (DROP track is recommended.)

LOST LOCK Loss of radar/ IR lock-on (advisory).

MARKING Friendly aircraft leaving contrails.

MONITOR Maintain radar awareness on or assume responsibility for specified group.

MUD Indicates RWR ground threat displayed followed by clock position and type. (Type/ Direction)

MUSIC Electronic radar jamming. (On air interdiction (AI) radar, electronic deceptive jamming.)

NAKED No RWR indications.

NO JOY Aircrew does not have visual contact with the TARGET/ BANDIT/ landmark; opposite of TALLY.

NOTCH All aspect missile defensive manoeuver to place threat radar/ missile on the beam. (Direction)

OFFSET Informative call indicating manoeuver in a specified direction with reference to (Direction) the target.

ON STATION Informative call unit/ aircraft has reached assigned station.

OPENING Increasing in range.

PADLOCKED Informative call indicating aircrew cannot take eyes off an aircraft or a surface position without risk of losing TALLY/ VISUAL.

PICTURE Provide tactical situation status pertinent to mission.

PINCE/ PINCER Threat maneuvering for a bracket attack.

PRESS Directive to continue the attack; mutual support will be maintained. Supportive role will be assumed.

RANGE 1. Two or more groups separated primarily in distance along the same bearing. 2. Indication target is within weapons distance.

RAYGUN Indicates a radar lock-on to unknown aircraft; a request for a BUDDY SPIKE (Position/ Heading/ reply from friendly aircraft meeting these parameters (to prevent fratricide). Altitude)

RESET Proceed to a prebriefed position or area of operation.

RIFLE ATGM has been launched and onroute to target

SAM (Direction) Visual acquisition of a SAM or SAM launch; should include position.

SCRAMBLE Takeoff as quickly as possible.

SHACK Confirmation of positive A/G weapon strike (Ground target destroyed)

SHOOTER Aircraft/ unit designated to employ ordnance.

SPIKE RWR indication of an AI threat in track, launch, or unknown mode; include bearing, clock position, and threat type, if known.

SPLASH (A/ A) Target destroyed.

STATUS Request for tactical situation.

STROBE Radar indications of noise jamming.

TALLY Sighting of a TARGET, BANDIT, BOGEY, or enemy position; opposite of NO JOY.

TANKS DRY Fuel state very low, need priority landing.

TARGET ( ) Directive to assign group responsibility to aircraft in a flight.

TRACKING 1. Stabilized gun solution. 2. Continuous illumination of a target. 3. Contact heading.

TRAILER The last aircraft within a group( s).

TRASHED Informative call that missile has been defeated.

UNABLE Cannot comply as requested/ directed.

VISUAL Sighting of a friendly aircraft/ ground position; opposite of BLIND.

WEAPONS ( ) Fire only- FREE at targets not identified as friendly in accordance with current rules of engagement (ROE). TIGHT at targets positively identified as hostile in accordance with current ROE. SAFE in self-defense or in response to a formal order.

WEEDS Indicates that fixed-wing aircraft are operating below 2,000 feet AGL.

WHAT STATE Report amount of fuel and missiles remaining. Ammunition and oxygen are reported only when specifically requested or critical.
( ) Active = number of active radar missiles remaining
( ) Radar = number of semi-active radar missiles remaining.
( ) Heat = number of IR missiles remaining.
( ) Fuel = pounds of fuel or time remaining.

WINCHESTER No ordnance remaining.


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