Sukhoi Arms

  •    Kunz
    We'll request ED to add some for the 159th aircraft. Obviously, its needed don't you think Arch? Maybe Viper can expedite this
      2017-07-25 09:44:48
  •    Archer
    -yes, but they've removed the YPV flask holder. Seemingly, these were never fitted in RL aircraft...
      2017-07-24 23:38:05
  •    ☭ Ax
    Nothing major - additional lights either side of the fuselage. howthread.php?t=189136&am p;page=11
      2017-07-24 16:22:28
  •    Kunz
    Hmm, interesting. Any link to that Ax?
      2017-07-24 06:46:05
  •    ☭ Ax
    Looks as though they are making additions to the 3D model as well.
      2017-07-21 17:16:12
  •    Kunz
    Aye Ax, looking forward to it as well. You know how much I love carrier ops!
      2017-07-21 05:49:43
  •    ☭ Ax
    Don't worry Arch, it won't affect the 159th.
      2017-07-19 08:36:35
  •    Archer
    Bit concerned about FW types getting PFM -it's not as simple now as up, down, left, right you know.
      2017-07-19 05:48:03
  •    ☭ Ax
    Aye Kunz, looking forward to joining you online with the '33 PFM. MP will be a blast!!! Not long now! ;-)
      2017-07-18 20:53:42
  •    Archer
    That particular yak passed away 2 months ago -but it still emits fluid which appears usable -so waste-not want-not...
      2017-07-17 23:12:18
  •    ☭ Ax
    Eh? That's the treatment process for the finest vintage!? I guess the Kadets must have been slurping from a leprosy ridden scrotum sack of a decomposing Sochi Field Yak, all these years..
      2017-07-17 19:39:04
  •    Archer
    Wot -give up the absolute finest vintage bootleg YPV? For such a trifling thing? Yeah, should have thought of it, shoudn't I...
      2017-07-17 01:25:19
  •    ☭ Ax
    First option! Although risky, I must say. Can't believe there is no bootleg, strained through the CO's Y-fronts, YPV on offer. What happened to the mess protocol?
      2017-07-16 23:18:45
  •    Archer
    'Exciting' poll opened! No prizes given! See in suggestions area
      2017-07-14 01:34:04
  •    Archer
    157 released -some nice changes -see in store!
      2017-07-12 12:02:08
  •    Archer
    With a wheel he'll need a Hamster -surely???
      2017-07-11 23:50:52
  •    ☭ Ax
    Buy a mouse with a wheel, Joey ;-)
      2017-07-11 17:50:28
  •    Archer
    @Joey -wot -this SB? yes...
      2017-07-11 12:34:07
  •    Joey45
    Has it always been down here?????
      2017-07-11 11:49:39
  •    Scoot
    Have fun racing Arch. May you have an abundance of Sisu. BTW, Congratz Mate!
      2017-07-08 12:10:41