Sukhoi Arms

  •    Kunz
    It’s a bloody shame that we’ll never see an Ru equivalent and that makes me very, very sad...@Ax
      2018-01-14 12:56:31
  •    Skinner
    Havent seen any online issues with the harrier other then our server TBH.
      2018-01-14 11:17:30
  •    Archer
    Hornet does look good, but I'm enjoying what there is of the Harrier ATM. Seems like it might be causing some OL probs ATM though.
      2018-01-14 02:41:18
  •    ☭ Ax
    DCS Hornet - the closest we will get to a high fidelity 4th Gen multi-role Fighter, in a long time. Shame we will never see an Ru equivalent.
      2018-01-13 14:20:38
  •    Archer
    DCS updated -dedi sorted 28/12/17
      2017-12-28 05:00:03
  •    Archer
    Anyone still not aware -we have replacement forums up -pls follow forum link above and register!
      2017-12-26 04:39:29
  •    P0intman
    Merry Christmas!
      2017-12-25 13:10:56
  •    Speckfire
    NTTR 50% off... Good time to get it.
      2017-12-22 12:18:59
  •    Archer
    Anyone up for some STOL/VTOL/blasting flying anytime over next week or so?
      2017-12-19 03:46:19
  •    Scoot
    I'm on the road Sun.
      2017-12-16 20:16:52
  •    Speckfire
    Harrier Harrrier......
      2017-12-15 13:23:21
  •    Archer
    All -be aware; big 1.5.8.x update out. Dedi sorted.
      2017-12-15 12:58:36
  •    Archer
    For anyone free we should have a bit of a gathering today at around usual squad hours.
      2017-12-12 06:19:00
  •     ☭ Ax
    @SG, Ali says hello and wants to shag your brains out. ;-)
      2017-12-11 20:46:59
  •    Scoot
    Boys I can't make it today either. The damn E car blew a sensor and I can't rest until it's resolved.
      2017-12-03 12:41:33
  •    Archer
    Dedi was up-and-running when I just checked it (UK time 09:50AM 30/11/17).
      2017-11-30 02:52:28
  •    ☭ Ax
    @Arch. I wouldn't still be scooting around in a pokie rear wheel drive Porsche, with summer tires, if that were so.
      2017-11-29 17:44:19
  •    Davy Crockett
    Is the server running? Cannot find it in server list.
      2017-11-29 14:10:50
  •    Archer
    @Ax; all the important stuff re Helenkova yes! TBH that will take some time but will be attended to in bext months. BTW you cleared the snow away yet?!
      2017-11-29 02:38:57
  •    ☭ Ax
    Did you guys manage to recover all the posts?
      2017-11-28 21:24:29