Sukhoi Arms

  •    Archer
    Head's up ; there's a hot-fix for the patch just released also.
      2018-03-15 14:20:24
  •    Archer
    SG s=did you get anywhere with 'fly' issue? Post on ED: howthread.php?t=204496
      2018-03-15 02:12:31
  •    Archer
    2.5 beta update 4 released. Have done the dedi. Will likely be around later to test...
      2018-03-14 06:02:22
  •    Joey45
    IF you want to check my carrier look in the forums...
      2018-03-06 15:11:16
  •    Wolve
    Doh! I had been using the old URL!
      2018-02-15 00:29:35
  •    Wolve
    Just dropping in to say Hi! Noticed that the forums have been out for quite some time now. Hope you are all doing great! Cheers
      2018-02-15 00:28:42
  •    Archer
    Small valentine's day gift from ED; no not roses -a small update... Dedi done
      2018-02-14 06:52:30
  •    Archer
    Looks like we'll run Beta today -if all have it working?
      2018-02-11 09:20:12
  •    Archer
    Not last Sun as not everone had it. Might well be a goer this week though
      2018-02-09 11:33:11
  •     ☭ Ax
    Are you guys running the Beta on Sundays?
      2018-02-09 09:54:34
  •    Archer
    That's 9th Feb btw...
      2018-02-09 07:39:43
  •    Archer
    9th Jan; update for 2.5 OB out today -dedi updated.
      2018-02-09 07:39:12
  •    Archer
    Bit of an update -no idea if it helps MP much
      2018-02-06 09:10:29
  •    Archer
    Yes indeed Ax -BS is well modelled in 2.5!
      2018-02-06 03:05:29
  •    ☭ Ax
    Waiting for release. Had enough of the Beta Bullsh!t.
      2018-02-05 23:22:00
  •    Archer
    Have DL 2.5 in OB. Looks ugly as hell...
      2018-01-31 07:49:00
  •    Kunz
    It’s a bloody shame that we’ll never see an Ru equivalent and that makes me very, very sad...@Ax
      2018-01-14 12:56:31
  •    Skinner
    Havent seen any online issues with the harrier other then our server TBH.
      2018-01-14 11:17:30
  •    Archer
    Hornet does look good, but I'm enjoying what there is of the Harrier ATM. Seems like it might be causing some OL probs ATM though.
      2018-01-14 02:41:18
  •    ☭ Ax
    DCS Hornet - the closest we will get to a high fidelity 4th Gen multi-role Fighter, in a long time. Shame we will never see an Ru equivalent.
      2018-01-13 14:20:38